flowering lily with dark background

Flowering Lilies

Welcome to my newly redesigned website!

The type of photography I love doing has two logical streams for marketing -- art and stock. Marketing my photography as art is probably self-explanatory - historically through art fairs, though selling on-line is a rapidly growing field. Stock photography usually needs some more explaining!

For example, publishers, advertisers and websites use stock photography when they buy the rights to use an image that has already been created, rather than paying someone to create an image just for them. I can market my photographs for editorial use, or I can arrange to have someone else do it, for a percentage of the fee. Everything is a trade-off, but in the end I'd rather put my time into photography and let someone else, with those particular skills, do that kind of marketing. I have recently signed on with Getty Images to do just that.

Now the website can be more focused on art, instead of needing to reach out to both editorial and art markets. I can concentrate here more on seeing, creating and sharing the beauty I see in the natural world around us.

And that is what I intend to do with my redesigned website, and this new blog. Unfortunately, I'll loose all my old blogs, but I guess that's ok ... I'll just make some more!

Let me know what you think!


PS - You can see and purchase this image here!