Autumn Sumac

Autumn Sumac

Autumn is such a fun time to get out and explore. Good weather, fantastic colors, and fewer bugs - my favorite time of year!

Dawn and I recently spent an afternoon at Magnolia Bluff Park - a picturesque county park nearby. We had a fun time on the trails and overlooks, and both came back with a nice collection of pictures.

One of the trails passes along a stand of Staghorn Sumac that was in varying stages of its autumn transformation into their characteristic bright reds. We happened by just as the afternoon sun streamed through an opening in the woodland canopy, backlighting the brightly colored leaves. One branch, just beginning to change, had a leaf, with its fifteen leaflets, arching gracefully down in front of others which had already changed.

I heard it begging for a picture to be shared, and was happy to oblige!

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